D3 Skis – Australia

Oz Ski Resort is the official Queensland and NSW distributor of the D3 Ski range including the D3 Evo and NRG. We also stock the full range of D3 products including trick skis, jump skis, T factor and leverage binders and Enzo gloves.  Please contact us for pricing and a demo. The D3 Evo is the slalom ski used by World Number one Nate Smith, don’t miss your chance to come and try one with some expert coaching, we can take your skiing to the next level.


Equal … Different 

Every skier is unique and D3 build skis with
different skier styles in mind. The Evo and Nrg are
high-end slalom skis; each with their own distinct design
philosophy offering two different paths to the same ultimate
goal – more buoys and better skiing.

E V O – Intuitive control

Imagine a D3 that takes all that is great about the brand and adds the speed and quicker turns to run even more bouys. EVO is
that ski. The all-new EVO is the next evolution of the ARC.
Featuring quicker, more complete turns on both sides of the
course the EVO is smooth, predictable and stable.
The EVO creates speed instantly out of the turn and builds progressive
angle into the wake. The EVO’s heritage is taken from the world record
holding ARC. If you liked the ARC you absolutely must experience the EVO.

Fast, effortless and intuitive, that’s the EVO


Oz Ski D3 NRG
Junior Moomba Champion Sade on her NRG

N R G – Powerful performance

From the first ride it is very apparent this is not just another ski. The NRG
delivers power like you have not experienced before. Power to hold
incredible angle across the wakes. Power to pivot instantly and build
angle with amazing efficiency. Boasting the deepest concave of any
D3 ski to date the NRG has the ability to create a connection between
the water and skier that must be experienced. The NRG gets its symmetrical
turns from a very aggressive rocker pattern. If your goal is to create as much
space as possible before the next buoy the NRG is the ski for you.

Powerful, stable, aggressive, that’s the NRG


D3 Skis - Australia



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