Deluxe 9.25m Knotless Slide Loop Pro Mainline ( 11 Section)

  • Constructed of our exclusive Polypro MAX rope which is braided in our factory.
  • Looped, knotless construction from 18.25m to 10.25m
  • Single section line with knotless construction for 9.75m to 9.25m
  • Mini slide loops that open larger to slip over the largest of pylons and then return to shape.
  • Larger slide loop at handle end of rope for easier handle attachment and removal.
  • Logo marking sleeves through 9.75m
  • Record capability
  • 60′ Overall length with handle (18.25m)
  • Shortenings through 9.25m
  • Made in the USA


11 Section Knotless Delux Mainline

Delux 9.25m Knotless Pro Mainline ( 11 Section)- Designed for the professional skiers or the 58/55kph record chasers. This is the best tournament rope that Masterline has produced starting at 18.25m shortening all the` way down to the record length of 9.25m



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