Masterline Custom Handle


3/8" Poly-polypropylene rope
Custom "Masterline" signature bar Strung to the Pro's specs
Open end caps 4" finger protectors
Record capability accuracy
Handle Options 
Lengths: 12", 13"
Diameters: .888", .940", 1.00", 1.030", 1.062", 1.092", 1.125", 1.183"

Masterline is now offering Personalized Custom Handles! Order today for yourself or a gift and have a Custom Series Handle personalized with a variety of colors for your style and personality.



Masterline Custom Handle

Custom Handle- This is the ultimate choice of handles with all of the World's top slalom skiers. Made up of a smaller but stronger aluminum core bar allowing for more rubber between your hands and the bar, for reinforced durability lasting for longer. This is the most comfortable handle that you can buy with the specially formulated rubber and many custom diameters to suit any style and skier.

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